Canada Ontario Job Grant

2nd Chance is excited to deliver the Canada-Ontario Job Grant which offers employers funding to provide training to their work force.  If you have a specific skill or  need that can be learned or developed through a training program, the Canada-Ontario Job Grant can help. Ultimately, you choose the training and the employees you want to train.

Key points include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The employer chooses the training and the employees to attend training
  • Training must be under one year in length
  • The maximum cost of training is less than $10,000 per individual
  • The Training that is not required by the employer to provide by law
  • If training has started, funding will not be provided
  • The employer and employee cannot be accessing other government related funds

Keep in mind that all applications for funding will be considered.  However, applications for funding will be considered higher priority when:

  • Employers are willing to hire and train  unemployed individuals
  • Employers  use the grant to support expansion of their workforces
  • Employers use the grant to support permanent, sustainable full time jobs
  • Current employees can maintain their position (e.g. avoid layoff) or take a new position within the business that offers greater responsibility and/or pay
  • Employer has not received funding in the last 6 months

The cost of training is shared by the employer and the government.  Funding details below:

  • Employers with 50 or fewer employees are required to contribute a minimum of 1/3 towards the training cost of each individual. However, a minimum of one half of their 1/3 contribution can be made with in-kind wages paid to the employee.  For example, employer will contribute 1/6 in cash and 1/6 in kind wages
  • Employers with over 50 employees must make a minimum 1/3 cash contribution towards eligible training costs.