The 2nd Chance Staff

2nd Chance Has A Diverse Staff Of Friendly, Dedicated, Creative Employment Professionals

Led by:

  • Executive Director – Chris Baginski-Hansen
  • Norfolk/YRC Program Manager – Jenni Brooks
  • County Program Manager – Michelle Dally
  • Board of Directors

Second Chance is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. This committed group of volunteers has the formidable responsibility of ensuring that Second Chance is managed effectively in order to fulfill its Statement of Objectives and Responsibilities to the community. Their dedication to the community, the clients we serve and the staff is the reason for Second Chance’s longevity and reputation in Guelph and Wellington County. We are fortunate to have representatives from education, human resources, community services and the legal profession.

  • Rhondda Lymburner – Chair
  • Beth Burns – Vice Chair
  • Rob Nixon – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Don E. Coulman
  • Randy Wilson
  • Reny Pietrobon
  • Jim Robinson
  • Pamela Brown-Wass
  • Patti Huck