Veterinary Technicians – Fergus


Nov 1, 2021


Dec 1, 2021

Job Title:

Veterinary Technicians

Company Description:

This is a unique opportunity for veterinary technicians to gain experience at the one of the largest pet nutrition research facilities in North America. Our newly renovated facility boasts some of the most progressive animal housing and welfare standards for animal research worldwide. RVT’s with a passion for animals and an interest in cats and dogs will gain valuable experience learning the protocols and regimens practiced at a top-class research facility.

Job Type:

Full Time

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Will be based on education and experience.


RVT’s work with in-house veterinarians and are responsible for the health needs of a large colony of dogs and cats from puppies/kittens to geriatric pets.  You will be part of a team that runs a fully equipped, private in-house veterinary hospital to serve the needs of our colony.  You have the opportunity to be an integral member of the team that conducts research, collects and processes data, and is essentially involved in every step of the research process from set up to sample processing.  You will become involved in interesting and important non-invasive work in an environment where taking care of our pets is job number one.  If you are interested, we invite you to contact us to set up a “working” interview where you will spend half a day working with and shadowing our staff to see if our team is a good fit for you and vice versa. Duties include: Weighing of animals, data collection, health monitoring and treatment, collection and processing of blood, urine and stool samples, animal care and feeding, grooming and social enrichment.


Successful candidates will possess the following: • Suitable for foreign-trained veterinarians. • Veterinary Technician diploma or current enrolment in a Veterinary Technician program. • Experience is an asset.

How to Apply:

Email cover letter & resume to: or send to