March 30, 2021


April 18, 2021

Job Title:

COVID Outreach and Volunteer Assistant (30 week Temporary position)


Guelph Tool Library

Company Description:

The COVID Outreach and Volunteer Assistant will work with the Guelph Tool Library to assist with ongoing programming developed in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic at the Guelph Tool Library including: ○ Marketing activities ○ Training ○ Managing programs such as tool delivery, virtual repair cafes, volunteer orientation and Pin A Smile On Program

Number of Positions:


Job Type:

Full Time

Close to Public Transit:


Start Date:

April 19, 2021


30 week position - 35 Hr/week




In partnership with lead Tool Library volunteers, the successful candidate will: ● Volunteer Training: Assess and revise current volunteer training, conduct refresher training with current libraries, recruit and train new librarians ● Pin a Smile On Program: prepare buttons as needed, prepare marketing plan and work on sponsorship program ● Delivery Program: Assist with delivery logistics, seek alternative funding for the program and develop cost modeling to determine future of Delivery Program. ● Repair Cafes - Assist with new Covid safe Repair Cafe administration as well as sponsorship package for the Repair Cafe ● Tool Inventory - Assist with tool inventory management including physical organization and database management. Coordinate and help in all tasks needed to keep the Tool Library and Repair Cafes running well. This will include but not be limited to: • Customer service, volunteer recruitment, planning and helping at events, database and website maintenance. • Participate in other GTL events, orientations and working group meetings and activities as requested or approved by supervisor(s). • Write a final report on their placement at the Tool Library that documents processes and systems and contacts established, plus analysis and recommendations for improvement in future years.


● Knowledge of the circular economy and/or knowledge of issues relating to environmental, social and economic sustainability and resilience ● Knowledge of and skills with a wide variety of tools ● Experience with volunteer management ● Experience working within consensus-based groups, networks and nonprofit organizations ● Project management experience and Event planning experience ● Marketing experience, including sales and social media campaigns ● Experience with tool library, repair cafes and/or the sharing economy is an asset ● Ability to work independently and to be self-directed to meet targets and goals

How to Apply:

Send resumes and cover letters to


Must be currently OR previously receiving EI ***MUST have an attachment to Employment Insurance whether currently receiving or in the recent past ***