Carpenters and Carpenter Helpers – Guelph


April 4, 2022


May 4, 2022

Job Title:

Carpenters and Carpenter Helpers


Even Construction Inc.

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Full Time

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Dependent on experience


Carpenter Responsibilities: • Ability to read and interpret blueprints. • Assisting supervisors with structural design, planning, layout, and installation. • Conduct repair work, installation of doors, windows, drywall, cabinets, stairs, and other fixtures as required. • Ability to assess the quality of woodwork and materials. • Ability to operate tools, machines, and other equipment. • Compliance with local building codes, and health and safety regulations. • Provide excellent customer service. • Ability to stand for prolonged periods, climb, pull, and lift heavy objects. Carpenter Assistant Responsibilities • Assist Carpenters and other trades in various tasks • Includes heavy lifting


Qualifications and Requirements: • Capable of receiving and following instructions and communicating with co-workers • Able to read and adhere to labels, safety warnings, and guidelines • Attentive to detail and always alert to ensure safety • Self-motivated and team focused • Job & Safety training provided Carpenter Assistant Requirements: • Ideally some construction experience (or transferable skills such as farming) • An understanding of the construction / renovation industry • Contribute positively to the work environment: o Personality to fit in with existing team members o Trustworthiness & reliability o Eagerness to take on the task at hand • Steel toe boots, tool belt, and various hand tools

How to Apply:

To Apply: Interested applicants can send a resume to