Camp Manager – Mount Forest, ON


June 7, 2022


June 30, 2022

Job Title:

Camp Manager


Life Gears Academy Inc. - Murphy Park and the Imagination Space (257 Main Street South)

Company Description:

Life Gears Academy is an organization that offers programs in various locations that provide youth with skills in exploratory environments in the form of camps and after-school programs. These programs will work to teach various life skills including leadership, problem solving and mindfulness through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) based activities. Our focus is on STEM camps to empower young minds in areas that we see advancing every day. These programs offer various topics inspired by locations and local individuals and organizations that we encounter who align with our values. These programs aim to develop life skills such as communication, leadership, and teamwork, while encouraging youth to make a difference in their communities. Why We Do What We Do We believe that everyone has the potential to accomplish greatness and that there isn't one set path that works for everyone. At Life Gears Academy we work to expose youth to various concepts and tasks so that they can find their interests that exist where they might not see it in the classroom or in the home. We work to fill the gaps that the school environment might leave, while making connections to what is learned there. Empowering youth to discover their potential and flourish with an open mind capable of learning from life and their surroundings. Following a hands-on approach where learners are digging deep into concepts and developing an understanding of how to apply it in ways that can create solutions to various problems. Our Values - Lead with kindness and compassion and encourage others to do the same - Accept people for who they are and acknowledge their significant contribution - Nurture positive relationships with ourselves, with all living things, and with technology Summary of Duties and Responsibilities of Position: Job Description As a Life Gears Camp Manager, your position will mostly focus on supporting camp staff and volunteers as well as ensuring that camp is an inclusive and safe space for everyone.    

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Start Date:

Duration of Position: July 4th to August 27th (8 weeks)


Monday - Friday


40hours/week (8:30am to 4:30pm)


Wage: $16.25/hour (paid bi-weekly)


The position will include the following tasks ● Supporting campers, volunteers and staff with kindness and compassion ● Supervising and mentoring staff and volunteers ● Communicating with clients/parents (assisting the Director and Admin Assistant) ● Adherence to Life Gears Academy Inc.’ expectations at all times and maintain an inclusive and safe space for youth and co-workers ● Preparing for the activities by purchasing (with our funds) and organizing camp supplies ● During camp hours you are responsible for supervising the campers and staff at all times. This includes supervision times during lunch, and breaks. ● During camp, you are required to refrain from consuming recreational drugs or alcohol ● Your main responsibility is to act as a caring adult for the campers and ensure that they are learning and enjoying their time. ● Getting to and from the work location We work to create safe environments for everyone on the team and we hire those who understand how to do that and are capable of adapting to specific needs. We support the team through a restorative justice approach and work to maintain collaborative and inclusive working relationships. Responsibilities: • Work cohesively with other staff, volunteers, and campers to ensure a safe, efficient, respectful and supportive working environment • Follow COVID Public Health Regulations • Assist with camp planning duties (Activity planning, family communications, staff training) • Supervise and support up to 4 camp staff and volunteers • Supervise and support up to 20 campers (with other staff) • Encourage and support an inclusive, safe, and fun environment for all • Attend all trainings to equip staff with the skills to be successful in this position • Other duties may be assigned if appropriate and agreed upon Training: ● General Life Gears orientation training ● Inclusion Training ● Adverse Childhood Experiences/Trauma informed ● Public Health Procedures Training ● Location specific orientation session


Qualifications: • Experience working with youth aged 6 and up • Experience supporting a team of staff/volunteers • An interest or education in STEM • The ability to work respectfully with others • The ability to access transportation to and from the work site • The ability to respond/move quickly in cases of emergencies • 15 to 30 years of age (grant requirements) Prioritization This position is open to all qualified candidates. Our goal is to attract, learn from, and retain talented team members from diverse backgrounds, allowing the community to benefit from and celebrate a wide variety of experiences and perspectives. People from traditionally underrepresented, and marginalized communities are encouraged to apply.  

How to Apply:

How to apply: Please answer the following questions and send them to along with a resume (optional). If you require an accommodation in order to participate in the hiring process, please contact us to make your needs known in advance. 1. Your first and last name. 2. An email address or phone number that we can reach you at. 3. Are you between the ages of 15 and 30? 4. Why are you interested in this position? 5. Have you worked/volunteered with Life Gears or KHNG before? If so, when? 6. How many months of experience do you have working with children? 7. How many months of experience do you have supporting/supervising a team? 8. What is your availability during the months of the placement? 9. Do you have First Aid and CPR training (under 3 years ago) 10. Why do you feel it is important to expose youth to STEM content? 11. Anything else that we should know? Thank you to all candidates for your interest, only those being considered for an interview will be contacted. Personal information collected through the recruitment process will be used solely to determine eligibility for employment. Please note that these positions are supported by funding through grants (Federal and Provincial Government), community partners, and program revenue. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about how your position is funded.