Bread Baker (starting part time, moving towards full time) – Elora, ON


Aug 16 2022


Sept 16 2020

Job Title:

Bread Baker (starting part time, moving towards full time)


Elora Bread Trading Co

Company Description:

Do you live to see your loaf rise? Love being up before the crack of dawn? Revel in the heat of hot ovens? We're now accepting resumes for a passionate bread baker. Let us know why you want to bake bread!  

Job Type:

Full Time

Close to Public Transit:



Working up to 40 – 44 hours a week


Duties include:

  • Efficient production of our handcrafted sourdough bread, baked goods, and other food prep task.
  • Rotating between performing the morning bake routine and afternoon mixing routine.
  • Baking all breads following baking guidelines and baking pastries for the day
  • Setting up display case
  • Feeding the sourdough starter
  • Accurately fulfilling wholesale orders
  • Accurately weighing out all ingredients for the next day’s mix
  • Baking an pre-weighed goods waiting for the oven
  • Mixing all bread doughs, folding bread doughs, and monitoring dough proofing
  • Pre-shaping and shaping loaves; accurately timing in the retardation of the bread in the fridge
  • Prepping any additional pastries or doughs for the next day’s bake
  • Maintaining the cleanliness and safe operation of the equipment (oven, mixers, etc.) and workspace
  • Refilling ingredient containers
  • Helping out as needed with other roles in the bakery; i.e. assisting customers; POS and cash handling


The ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Has a passion for baking and service; has strong communication skills and is friendly
  • Detail oriented & able to follow directions; mindfulness of time & action, and a conscientious work ethic
  • Able to work efficiently with little to no supervision, work together as part of a team in view of customers
  • Is physically fit and able to lift at least 30lbs; has safe food handling certification

How to Apply:

Email resume to Allie at and include position please